Implementing basic HTTP authentication for HTTP requests in AngularJS

Do you need to send basic HTTP authentication headers with your requests from AngularJS? Maybe for communicating with a RESTful backend API? Here’s how!

So, we were in a situation where we needed to send basic HTTP authentication headers with all our RESTful calls to a backend. Which makes sense, REST is supposed to be stateless so logging in “just once” doesn’t really belong there, even though the opinions on the matter varies. As always in the developer community.

Without fuss, here’s how we did it. If the user is logged in in our AngularJS app, we store the encoded credentials in the cookie and pass them along as regular Basic HTTP Authentication headers with all HTTP calls we make to the backend.

Here’s the code:

And also the Base64 encoder/decoder service (which is an adaption of webtoolkits implementation):

Simple enough. Enjoy!

Note: Using this method will store base64 encoded versions of username and password in a cookie on the client machine, which has to be taken into consideration from a security point of view given your particular application.



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Do you need to send basic HTTP authentication headers with your requests from AngularJS? Maybe for communicating with a RESTful backend API? Here’s how!
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